Massage, Massage and Smile! Stephanie G-M, Ouli's founder and celebrity makeup artist teaches you how to prep your skin for makeup or the no makeup makeup look in this quicker than quick tutorial

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Ouli’s Ointment & Essential Oils… a match made in heaven! 

Written by Kirsten Gray N.D. an Australian Naturopath, Master Herbalist, Nutritionist & Aromatherapist. She is passionate about helping women and families stay strong and healthy using a number of modalities like homeopathy, essential oils and of course healthy diet & lifestyle. Kirsten and her family currently live in Seattle. You can check out other interesting health articles on her website Aromatic Medicine or via Instagram

Did you know that our skin absorbs up to 60 percent of what we put on it?

When it comes to reducing our toxic load it's important to do our research, especially when it comes to skin care. Harmful chemical will accumulate in the body and take a toll on our hormones and cells.

Luckily, our skin can heal and transform itself in just a week or so if you are using the right natural products, free from synthetic fragrance and toxic ingredients.

That’s where essential oils come in!

When I first came across Ouli’s healing ointment I was super excited because I knew they would be a great base when applying essential oils to the skin. This would be especially good for children given the gentle and natural ingredients in the Ouli’s Ointment.

So what are essential oils and how do they benefit your skin?

Put simply, essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

How to apply your essential oils

You can add 1-2 drops of essential oil using your Ouli’s Ointment as the base. This will help preserve your essential oil, prevent oxidation and nourish the skin at the same time, awesome right?

Put some Ouli’s Ointment in your palm, add your oils to that & mix then apply to the skin.

So next time you are wanting to try an essential oil, grab your Ouli’s Ointment and add a few drops… it will nourish your skin and smell amazing at the same time!

You can also add your essential oils to carrier oils like jojoba, argan, fractionated coconut oil or shea butter depending on your skin type.


It’s important to know which oils are right for your skin type. so have a read through the lists below and find what suits your skin best! Essential oils in bold are particularly beneficial to skin.

 For Oily Skin:

These oils have properties that tend to regulate and normalize oil production:

·       Orange

·       Lemon

·       Lime

·       Bergamot

·    Geranium

·       Cypress

For Breakouts and Blemishes:

These oils can be added to your moisturizer to calm and prevent breakouts, and can also be applied neat (undiluted) as a spot treatment using a q-tip/cotton bud:

·       Melaleuca (tea tree)

·     Geranium

·       Vetiver

·     Lavender

·       Patchouli

For Dry, Chapped Skin:

·     Cedarwood

·     Geranium

·       Myrrh

·       Sandalwood

·       Palmarosa

·    Roman Chamomile

For Aging Skin:

·       Tangerine

·       Ylang-ylang

·       Patchouli

·       Cypress

·       Sandalwood

·     Lavender

·     Frankincense

·       Rose

·       Palmarosa

For Combination Skin:

These are some of the best essential oils for skin that tends to be both dry and oily (sounds impossible, but I’ve been there!):

·       Patchouli

·     Lavender

·       Bergamot

·       Orange

For Red Marks and Dark Spots:

·     Lavender

·       Lemon

·     Frankincense

Remember that your skin is a reflection of your overall health! Make sure you give some attention to your inner world via diet, nutrition and healthy habits. 


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Ouli's Ointment founder Stephanie G-M bears all about her families move from London to LA and the hardships of being a freelance, entrepreneurial Mother and Wife. Read the full story on the website Doing It For The Kids




 Photographer Owen Silverwood  Makeup Stephanie G-M

Photographer Owen Silverwood

Makeup Stephanie G-M

Did you know, at least 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream? Skin is our largest organ and beyond that it protects our bodies while taking a beating from all environmental extremes.


These are a few of the reasons why we need to take a step back to basics and show our skin some much deserved R-E-S-P-E-C-T! As in any good relationship it starts with listening. When we get break outs, as inconvenient as they are, its how our skin explains what is going on inside and these pesky break outs can help you understand what your body is missing.


So here is a little break down of what your breakouts could be telling you. This will help you know which way to turn, be it hydration, exfoliation, steaming or all of the above.


Much love,

Stephanie G-M


Stay Hydrated

  P  hotography  Karin Berndl       Styling  Marion Bergin     Makeup  Stephanie G-M      Hair  Narad Kutowaroo      Model  Rochana at Premier London

Photography Karin Berndl      Styling Marion Bergin    Makeup Stephanie G-M    Hair Narad Kutowaroo   Model Rochana at Premier London

There is nothing that is harder to handle than the dehydration your skin experience post summer glow and as winter begins. You go from looking your ultimate to feeling like you missed something! Your skin has had the vitamin D it deserves from the sunshine but it also needs some moisture and protection from the elements of autumn and winter so let Ouli's come to the rescue in the form of a mask!

  • Apply a thin layer of Ouli's to your face and neck massaging it into clean skin, then drape a warm wet cloth over your face and sit back for a few minutes and switch off and soak up the olive oil and chamomile! 
  •  Once you are ready, pat your face with a dry towel and witness the hydration.

Olive oil contains antioxidants which help with keep the elasticity in your skin and help restore smoothness! 



 Stephanie G-M keyed the Joanne Stoker Presentation at LFW

Stephanie G-M keyed the Joanne Stoker Presentation at LFW

If you are a makeup artist you will understand that the majority of our time is spent running on adrenaline, being ready to work at the speed of light and deliver extraordinary results, while not keeping anyone waiting. For that reason, any makeup artist that has had the opportunity to work at any fashion week, anywhere in the world has a passion for the adrenaline rush it delivers. It is also a time of major learning of the hottest new makeup, hair and fashion trends as well as an opportunity to work with other artists and friends. It's an awesome time of year (twice a year!) 

One of most important things I found working on shows is the need for products that deliver each time without fail. If a product is inconsistent, you generally do not use it during Show Season or much after. That is another reason I created a product that delivers with consistent results each time: it is fast to use, has many uses and is gentle and soothing on overworked, tired skin. 

Lack of sleep, partying and the turning weather can wreck havoc on skin so, here are some ways you can use Ouli's in your kit or at home whether you are attending the shows, watching from the office or working at them. 

  • Dry skin; Depending on how much time you have, warm up a pea sized amount of Ouli's in your hands and massage with upward strokes on décolletage and face or if you have a few minutes to spare follow with a warm wet cloth and allow the chamomile scent to do its job and relax. Finish by gently patting with a dry cloth. This will leave skin glowing, the mind relaxed and the perfect makeup base
  • Dehydrated lips or under eyes; Apply a layer of Ouli's on lips or under eyes before commencing the full face so as to hydrate before it's time for lipstick 
  • Disheveled brows; Tame those beautiful brows with a sweep of Ouli's either using your fingers or a disposable mascara wand to brush hairs upwards
  • Add texture; Warm up some Ouli's between your fingers and pat onto cheekbones and bridge of nose to add a sheen to a finished face or on eyelids to create a glossy look
  • Last but not least you can use your Ouli's to freshen up cuticles, elbows or perfect a sleek hair look without a tacky, greasy finish

Enjoy the season!

Stephanie G-M x


The story behind Ouli's Ingredients

This is my Yiayia, my mothers mother. Yiayia has played a huge role in the Ouli's story and the reason I chose the ingredients I did for Ouli's. So here is a little background on the ingredients Yiayia showed me the benefits of:

Organic Olive Oil, straight from the island of Zakynthos. Greece along with other mediterranean countries have a history of creating beautiful olive oil, but the olive oil in Ouli's is from Zakinthos because that is where my family is from and where we have family olive groves which were given to her by a family member as a thank you for caring for her. I never knew how amazing this was until Yiayia got sick a few years ago and I knew I wanted to create something else that could be passed down through the family. Something that contains olive oil, smells fantastic and benefits skin the way olive oil has done for centuries. 

So, why olive oil? Well, I'm glad you asked! Olive oil contains a ton of antioxidants which helps it act as a natural anti-ager and reduces inflammation! It also protects the skin by preventing water loss.

Organic Beeswax, I chose beeswax as the texture for Ouli's because as a makeup artist I have used lots of products that contain different ingredients to create different textures and I found beeswax to leave the nicest most hydrating texture on skin without the greasy residue. Bees are also all over the island of Zakynthos. Beeswax combined with olive oil serves as a natural treatment against dry skin. It's a little miracle worker created by little miracle bees, it locks in moisture and can help keep skin firm and plump!

Organic Chamomile, this little beauty plant is something to write home about! Chamomile is one of the main remedies my Yiayia and my Mother used to use on us as children because it has wondrous healing properties. They would soak cotton in fresh chamomile tea and apply it to our eyes when we had eye infections, or use it on our skin if we had a rash, or drink the fragrant tea when we had an upset tummy or couldn't sleep. Why? Because chamomile has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Which are all amazing for our skin too. I use chamomile in all the above ways with my baby boy and our little dog, and I love that these little remedies have been passed down through our family and now exist in this little beauty ointment.


I hope you love these awesome ingredients as much as I do.


Stephanie G-M x